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Are you ready to make a difference?

"We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan We invite you to join us for VNA of Ohio's Day of Giving on Wednesday, July 17. Even a small amount goes a long way to help an individual in need. Help us spread the word: #VNAGives. 

In 2011, nurses, social workers, and clinicians at Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio noticed various patients lacking some basic necessities. Most of them did not have the financial means to provide supplies such as food and toilet paper. To help make a difference in these patients’ lives and so they could help patients focus on healing, these compassionate staff members founded the Patient Emergency Fund, currently known as the “We Care” employee and patient emergency assistance fund. This fund provides a one-time use safety net for patients and employees in need of financial assistance. Any VNA employee can apply for their patient to receive funds regardless of age, illness, or family status.

The fund has been used in many different ways for a variety of reasons. One son of a Hospice patient wished to stay in her home with his mother in her final months but was unable to pay the heating bill. Funds from the emergency assistance were made available for him to purchase portable heaters so they both could remain in her home comfortably and warm for her final days. By providing this patient with a heat source, she was able to focus on other things such as family and friends, instead of dwelling on how long she could stay in her home before being removed.

Another patient was no longer able to afford his medication after a sudden change in his insurance. The “We Care” Patient and Employee Assistance Fund was able to purchase his medication the same day so that he could continue to manage symptoms caused by his mental illness.

A different patient was able to use this fund in order to move into a safer housing situation. With the assistance of the “We Care Emergency Assistance Fund, this patient was able to have a better and safer place to live and in turn, a healthier recovery.

One of our employees was unable to provide groceries for her and her family while she was living paycheck to paycheck after experiencing unexpected medical expenses. The “We Care” Emergency Assistance Fund was able to purchase groceries for this employee, allowing her to focus on her family and moving forward passed this scary and intimidating time.

This fund has had an incredible impact in the lives of many of our employees and patients and we hope to continue providing this service for years to come!

Please help us by making a charitable donation on Wednesday, July 17, for our VNA Day of Giving. Even a small amount goes a long way - $10 is an Uber ride to a doctors’ appointment; $25 is a medication refill or $50 is groceries for a week for a family.

Help us spread the word by using #VNAGives. Thank you!