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Why Nonprofit Home Health Care?

A question I get a lot from patients, families and also case managers and social workers, is, “What does it mean to be a nonprofit home care agency?” or “What difference does it make to work with a nonprofit organization vs. a for-profit organization?” Here are some of the things to consider when choosing Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio or any nonprofit home health care organization.

Patient-Focused & Mission-Driven

As a nonprofit organization, we are not accountable to shareholders and therefore profits are not the end goal. Our priority is patient care because our mission is closely aligned with our operational goals. To that end, we accept more insurance types than for-profit home care agencies and develop programs that are based on the needs of the patients, which allows us to care for some of the most vulnerable in our city.

Years of Innovation

Patient-driven programs and services that are tailored to the needs of the patients has allowed VNA of Ohio to be part of amazing innovations in public health in Northeast Ohio. Just take a look at some of our “Century of Firsts”:

  • 1903: First to form a committee to address communicable diseases.
  • 1908: First to establish school nursing for Cleveland Board of Education
  • 1937: First to establish public health curriculum for Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • 1956: First to provide Therapy and Rehabilitation Services in the home
  • 1965: First to provide a federally-funded maternal and infant care program
  • 1969: First in Northeast Ohio to provide community reintegration of psychiatric patients
  • 1988: First home care agency to provide personal care and concierge services
  • 1992: First to form an education-practice partnership with Cleveland State University
  • 1994: First technology-supported health-promotion for at-risk seniors
  • 1998: First to offer point-of-care technology via laptop for home health.
  • 2006: First home care agency in Ohio to launch Telecare initiative
  • 2013: First home care agency in Ohio to offer VitalStim Therapy services

Mission-Driven Employees

Finally, at a nonprofit home healthcare organization, you’ll work with mission-driven employees who truly care about helping patients and families. We are proud of our employee-driven campaigns such as the We Care Emergency Assistance Fund, which is available to patients and VNA of Ohio employees for gap-assistance emergencies. It was started in 2011 by employees who were noticing that many patients did not have basic necessities such as food, clothing, furniture, or utilities. Today, the assistance fund also extends to VNA of Ohio employees in need of emergency assistance. The fund is almost entirely employee-funded. Patients and employees are truly grateful for this unique type of assistance.

About Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio

Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio is a grassroots nonprofit organization operating since 1902 when 13 pioneering women set out to meet the healthcare needs of the community by creating the Visiting Nurse Association of Cleveland. Currently, VNA of Ohio provides the largest scope of home-based services in 33 counties in Ohio. 

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