July 17, 2019

Support Patients & Employees in Need of Emergency Assistance

The "We Care" Patient & Employee Assistance Fund is a critical safety net for thousands of our patients and employees who are unable to make ends meet. This emergency assistance allows them to live independently and with dignity in times of crisis. Help us continue to be able to offer this critical safety net! 


Help our patients & employees live independently and with dignity.

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 Read real stories of patients helped through the "We Care" Patient & Employee Assistance Fund. 


With a change in insurance, one patient was not able to afford his prescription renewal for his mediation. The "We Care" patient and employee assistance fund helped get him his medication that day.


One patient was able to live and die peacefully in his home thanks to the "We Care" patient and employee assistance fund. 


One employee was able to get assistance through the "We Care" patient and employee assistance fund to purchase groceries after large medical bills and leave forced her to use funds she wasn't planning on spending. 


A wheel chair ramp was installed for one patient through assistance from the "We Care" fund for the patient to be outside during his final days while in VNA Hospice care. The ramp was then donated back to the agency to be used by another patient or family in need. 

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Many Patient Emergency Fund recipients who have moved into safer or better housing have no extra funds for standard household items like cleaning supplies or furniture. The Fund has helped families and single adults who were previously homeless or living in a bad situation get back on their feet and in a better position for recovery.  


One patient in hospice care wanted to stay in her home, despite having no access to proper heating during the winter. The Patient Emergency Fund paid for portable heaters so the patient could be comfortable and remain in her home during her last few months.