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A Career with VNA of OH: A Life Brimming with Very Noteworthy Acts

In 2022, VNA of Ohio celebrates 120 years of healthcare service to our community. Founded by 13 pioneering women in 1902, VNA of OH (formerly VNA of Cleveland), has consistently innovated medical services, home healthcare, and not for profit organization leadership in Northeast Ohio. 

We have a host of ongoing activities on our calendar to celebrate this momentous occasion. VNAO's 120th Anniversary Committee is implementing a one-year program designed to build awareness, celebrate staff, honor our past, and raise funds for VNAO.

Though our organization's 120 years of service is exciting and worthy of recognition, we know that our compassionate team members are actively providing our services throughout our region every single day and, ultimately, they are the ones most deserving of celebration. Our caring staff includes surgical nurses and aides, multiple therapists, social workers, coordinators, private duty care givers, leadership, and our business team. 

To commend our hardworking team, Anne Simmons, our Manager of Agency Education and Chair of our Staff Appreciation Committee for VNAO's 120th Anniversary, created an activity entitled, Very Noteworthy Acts "VNA."  Team members have been asked to offer gratitude and accolades for each other in a written form.

Day to day work in the field can be very fulfilling, but since it is often an independent experience serving patients and clients in their homes, our staff doesn't always get to interact with each other. Gathering these compliments and sharing them amongst the team offers an opportunity for each team member to learn how important they are to each other!

A career with VNA of Ohio has many benefits and such accolades are a testament to work that team members may have felt was unnoticed. Anne's concept shows that this is not the case and positive reinforcement abounds among our team!

We've put together some of these testimonials and are happy to share them with our readers. 


On Patient Care... 

“I just wanted to let you know how appreciative of you and your hard work I am. You have been a great addition to this team and I’m happy you’re here! Thank you for your willingness to help when asked and for the joy you share. I think it’s great you’re not afraid to ask questions and you just roll up your sleeves and dig right in. The VNAO is blessed to have you! Thanks again”

“You are quick to step up whenever ANYONE needs help. If something is too much, or there’s something you don’t understand you don’t hesitate to ask. You are amazing at your job and I appreciate how often you go above and beyond.”

“It means the world that you have become more than a co-worker, you are my friend. Thank you.”

“A note of thanks for all you do. So many of our patients, actually all I have ever asked, appreciate you so much. You really help them feel better and make them so comfortable when they are their most vulnerable. You are the real deal and so compassionate. I love being on a team with you.

On Business Support...

“You are a such a valuable co-worker, confidant, and personal friend. You have grown so much since learning payroll and you know more than you think you do You are kind, giving, smart, dedicated, and fun to work with. You are a very valuable member of our Payroll team."

“Thank you for all you do to get us paid correctly and on time.”

On Organization Leadership...

“I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful, reliable colleague-friend like you! You are kind, calm and always ready to step in to help. I truly appreciate you for willingness to take on additional responsibilities as a Volunteer Coordinator. With minimum or no training or guidance, you were able to jump right in and fix most of the issues, as we were on the edge of losing our long-term volunteers. As a matter of fact, you stopped some of them in the middle of transitioning into another organization!!! You are such a good fit for this position and our volunteers love you. Thank you for everything you do!”

“I wanted to reach out and send a personal thank you for all that you do both for myself, and our company."

Does building a career with VNA of Ohio sound like a good fit for you?

We offer our team members job flexibility, a caring work environment, independence, and the opportunity to build your skills.

Reach out today and find a career that will work for you!