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Best of the Blog 2017

In 2017, we've told you about some of our amazing patients, clinicians and volunteers to bring stories about home health care to life. These are stories of real-life heroes who work every day to make our community better. As we close out the year, we wanted to share our top five stories. We hope they inspire you to read more, volunteer, inquire about Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio's home health care and hospice services or donate today. Enjoy!  


#1 Understanding Mental Health through Crisis Intervention Training

 For nearly ten years, staff from VNA of Ohio's Mental/Behavioral health department have played a key role in training local police officers through Crisis Intervention Training. The purpose of the training is to foster better relationships between police and the communities they serve. 

The team presents educational presentations around mental illness and discuss therapeutic communication to CIT officers over a two-hour block.

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#2 Making Time for Patients: A VNA Volunteer Story

Maria is the Senior Partner at The Shinn Law Firm, LLC in Lakewood. She’s been providing pro-bono legal services to VNA of Ohio Hospice for nearly 20 years.

She provides free legal services to patients and families, including preparing living wills, powers of attorney and health care directives and provides guidance to patients’ families in administering estates. 

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#3 Season of Giving: Meet Our Compassionate Volunteers

Nurses, social workers and therapists work directly with VNA of Ohio patients and families to help them heal and recover at home. Behind these amazing clinicians is a dedicated team of volunteers who devote their time and resources to helping patients and families in many ways. 

Meet a few of the volunteers who have more than 100 years combined service to VNA...

#4 Why I Give to VNA of Ohio

A member of VNA's Board of Directors and Registered Nurse, Paula Shaw shares her story of why she gives to VNA of Ohio.

"I know that I can’t solve the world’s problems by myself, but I can do something small to make sure someone else who may not be so fortunate, has a little bit of help. Although health insurance is supposed to be just that – insurance – we know that there are many people who fall through the cracks and someone has to try and help. Why not me?" 


#5 83-Year-Old Bilateral Amputee Shares Her Story 

Ruth sought out Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio’s services when she first lost her leg a few years ago. When she was a single-leg amputee, occupational therapists taught her small things like how to dress herself, sweep the floor and turn on the stove. Then, only two years after losing her left leg, she lost her right leg too.

While many people, especially older people who already experience natural aches and pains, would give up, 83-year-old Ruth demonstrated a special kind of determination. She decided that she wanted to continue walking with the help of Mary, her Physical Therapy Assistant.

Watch the video and read more about Ruth...

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