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Why I Give to VNA of Ohio

I get calls at all hours of the day asking for my advice or opinion on a medical-related issue. It’s not only because I’ve been a registered nurse for over 40 years, but my friends and relatives want reassurance.

In home health care, that reassurance comes from Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio. They consistently provide quality care, even if they can’t be the ones to provide it. They help people. Period.

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How do I know? My friend Janet found out she had a tumor but didn’t know her diagnosis until it was very late. She was shortly put on hospice care with VNA of Ohio. From the moment they came in, VNA Hospice staff treated both Janet and her husband Paul like they were their own family.

The Hospice staff gently took control and made sure Janet and Paul had everything they needed – a list of 24-hour pharmacies, a more comfortable bed, all the phone numbers in case of an emergency. The staff even scheduled a session with a board-certified music therapist because they knew how much they both enjoyed music.

Thanks to VNA Hospice staff, Janet and Paul were able to focus on the life they built together and share intimate moments, instead of focusing on Janet’s illness or caregiving.

No matter what the issue is, I can always make a referral to VNA knowing that the needs are met.

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I know that I can’t solve the world’s problems by myself, but, I can do something small to make sure someone else who may not be so fortunate, has a little bit of help. Although health insurance is supposed to be just that – insurance – we know that there are many people who fall through the cracks and someone has to try and help. Why not me?

And that’s why I give to VNA of Ohio. Aside from my professional relationship with the organization, I have also been a board member for four years. I know that my donation is an investment in the future of home health care, with VNA of Ohio and their new partner organization, VNA Health Group, paving the way.

As innovators since 1902, VNA of Ohio continues to be a pioneer in the field of mental and behavioral home health care and with their longstanding lymphedema therapy home care program. They will soon be pioneering a pediatrics home care program.

Because of their experience and reputation, combined with the willingness to innovate, I expect Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio will be around for another 100 years.

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I hope I can count on your donation to an incredible organization.

  • $500 Supports continuing education training for two nurses
  • $250 Provides assistance for one of the hundreds of patient emergency assistance requests that we receive from clients.
  • $155 Provides a 30-day supply of meds for patients in our ambulatory detox program

Thank you for your commitment to your community, for believing in the work of VNA of Ohio and for changing the lives of those in their care.

With sincere appreciation,


Paula M. Shaw
Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio Board of Directors

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Pictured: Paula M. Shaw