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Mental Health Services

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Mental Health Services

Why VNA of Ohio             Mental Health Services?

A unique program in the community, VNA of Ohio’s mental health services are designed to provide holistic care for every individual. Caring for one’s health and wellness needs,  services provide a support system that enable individuals to develop independent and safe living environments. Healthcare providers develop a plan of care for each individual that is specific to their diagnoses, challenges, and circumstances.

The mental health program is dedicated to enabling individuals to live healthier and safer lives in the community.

What Makes Us Different?

A team of mental health professionals, including psychiatric nurses, social workers, and state tested nursing assistants, care for individuals with a range of diagnoses and concerns, including psychotic, cognitive, thought and anxiety disorders. In collaboration with community mental health agencies, VNA of Ohio’s mental health program serves as a resource for individuals being discharged from psychiatric hospitals and facilities.

VNA of Ohio is the only organization certified as a home care and a community mental health agency.

Mental Health Services VNA of Ohio

Mental Health services are tailored to each individual and their diagnoses. Services include:

  • Environmental safety and risk assessment
  • Coordinated clinical care with medical diagnoses
  • Medication management
  • Linkage to community services and resources
  • Individual counseling
  • Caregiver and family support and education
  • Specialized mental health services for Alzheimer’s/dementia care

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