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6 Signs You are Ready for an At-Home Caregiver

Could it be time to hire an at-home caregiver for yourself or a loved one? An at-home caregiver can significantly improve your physical, emotional and social health. With their help, you can live independently in your home and not have to move to assisted living. To get the most from a caregiver, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to hire someone.

Below are six signs that you are ready to welcome an at-home caregiver into your life.

1. Feeling lonely and isolated

As people age, it becomes more difficult to get around. You might be limited to your driving, which leaves you canceling plans with friends and family. This can lead to loneliness, isolation, and depression. If you are feeling these ways, a caregiver can be a tremendous asset to your life. A caregiver can take you places, sign you up for activities and share their companionship with you.

2. Difficulty handling daily tasks

If you are struggling to handle your day-to-day tasks, such as showering, cleaning, and cooking, it’s probably time for a helping hand. A personal caregiver can help with any number of tasks. This bit of assistance can avoid frustration while allowing you to preserve your independence.

3. Missing appointments

It’s common to wait months for appointments. If you miss them, either because you forgot about them or you can’t drive there, you might have to wait another few months to be seen. A caregiver will help you schedule and keep track of appointments. 

4. Chronic illness

Caregivers are especially helpful when you have a chronic condition. They can help you through your bad days, arrange for skilled nursing care, coordinate other therapies and more. Some of the services available for illnesses and injuries are:

Wound care
Rehabilitative therapy
Occupational therapy
Catheter care
IV care
Medication regimens

5. Forgetting to take medications

If you take a lot of medications, it’s important to take them correctly. Some medications have adverse health effects, especially when mixed with other medications. A caregiver will ensure that you take your medications on time and appropriately. This will keep you healthy – and could even save your life.

6. No interest in cooking or eating

Older adults lose interest in cooking and eating usually because they have no one to share meals with, or they may have trouble getting to the grocery store. If you are feeling this way, an at-home caregiver can change the way you look at meal times. They can assist with meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, and eating.

If you believe it’s time for an at-home caregiver, contact VNA of Ohio today. We have a wide range of services that can improve your quality of life, including home care, private care, and hospice care.

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