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3 Signs You or a Loved One May Need Bereavement Support

Feeling sad after losing someone is a normal response. Each person is unique and there is no single way to grieve. However, if your symptoms persist and disrupt your ability to have a normal life, you may benefit from bereavement support. Grief counseling in Ohio is available through numerous treatment facilities, support groups and counseling.

Below are three signs that bereavement support may be helpful after losing a loved one.

1. You are experiencing ongoing symptoms of distress.

Grief is a universal emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. Grief is also unique to the individual, so it’s hard to say what’s normal and not. However, it’s recommended to seek professional intervention when experiencing ongoing symptoms of distress, such as panic attacks, insomnia, decreased appetite and crying.

By seeking grief counseling in Ohio, you can address these emotions and learn ways to cope with them. This will allow you to process your emotions in a healthy manner and come to terms with your loved one’s death. While it’s normal to feel sad, this grief does not have to consume you.

2. You are having thoughts of suicide.

If you are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, it’s imperative that you seek professional help. It’s likely that you are suffering from depression, which can be life threatening. The good news is that depression can be successfully treated with a combination of counseling and antidepressants.

If you’ve struggled with depression in the past, you may not be surprised by the return of your symptoms. However, even people without a history of depression can develop it following the death of a loved one. Bottom line: Never ignore prolonged feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

3. You are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes, people use drugs and alcohol to escape negative emotions. If you have been drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs or participating in other addictive behaviors like gambling, it’s possible that you are self-medicating.

Bereavement support and counseling can help you come to terms with your grief and stop destructive patterns. If you don’t address them now, you could develop a substance use disorder, which will only complicate the underlying pain you are feeling.

Losing the ones we love is one of the most difficult parts of being human, and some people have a harder time adjusting than others. This is not a weakness or a flaw, but rather a need to seek professional help and work through your inner struggles. To find bereavement support in Ohio, visit VNA of Ohio today

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