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Communicating for the Best Care Possible

The members of your care team may be home healthcare experts -- but you are the expert how well you are following a treatment plan, how your body is reacting to side effects of medication and how you feel overall. Learn why we encourage all patients to have honest, open dialogues with their providers.

Working With Your Home Healthcare Professionals

VNA of Ohio Chief Operating Officer Lisa Kristosik RN, BSN, MSN, believes that honesty is not only a good policy, but it’s the critical piece of your successful home healthcare experience.

From the very start, the key to proper care relies on your ability to truthfully answer questions and communicate your situation. It’s imperative that all parties involved are on the same page for treatments and services, and regularly communicate about any changes.

This is especially important for medication management. Disclose all of the medications that are being taken (or in some cases, not taken) to avoid harmful risks and stay on the path to recovery. This includes over-the counter products, vitamins and other supplements.

Your Progress as a Patient

As a patient, only you can share the pain levels you experience, or describe any other changes in your condition. The only way we can help you is if you are comfortable talking about what you feel physically, your thoughts, hopes, goals and frustrations.

Your team is there for your wellbeing, so don’t hold back when it comes to sharing the things that matter most to your recovery or relief.

Caregiver Communication is Critical

Caregivers also need to maintain open lines of communication with all of their loved one's healthcare providers.

A caregiver’s job can be 24/7, and that’s on top of family, work and other outside obligations. When the stress is too much to bear, there are places you can turn, and resources you can call on, for extra help when you need it.

You know yourself and your threshold for physical, mental and spiritual strain. Find comfort and relief from your support systems, or seek outside help when the situation arises.

An honest and open relationship between home healthcare provider, patient, and caregiver, can offer immediate benefits in the present and successful care for the long-term.

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