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Same-day Surgery Home Healthcare

With advances in medical technology, many major surgeries have become routine procedures done on an outpatient basis. But just because a patient returns home the day of surgery doesn’t mean his need for help is any less significant.

“Procedures are done better and quicker, and they are less invasive,” said Michelle Kerr, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio’s chief clinical officer. “But the recovery time is about the same.”

Patients recovering at home from same-day surgery have many of the same needs as someone who is recovering in the hospital, she said.

VNA of Ohio’s registered nurses help patients with everything from the handling of tubes, drains and IV therapy to wound care and medication education. Kerr said VNA of Ohio medical staff clinicians are expert at preparing and maintaining sterile conditions to conduct their work in a home setting. But, Kerr said, one of the most valuable services VNA of Ohio’s homecare team provides is comfort and support.

Treating the Whole Family with Home Healthcare

“We’re definitely a comfort to the family, just having a set of professional eyes in the home checking on them,” she said. “We have a greater understanding of problems to look for in terms of side effects or complications. An aspect of our visit also is very social and hand-holding to reassure everyone involved. We treat not only the patient, but also the whole family.”

Depending on the post-surgical patient’s needs, VNA of Ohio can provide the services of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and mental-health professionals. A physician’s order is necessary for this skilled care, and Medicare limits these visits to a set number over a period of time.

Lowering Hospital Re-admission Rates with Home Healthcare

Kerr said acute care provided by VNA of Ohio’s home healthcare team helps keep patients out of the hospital.

“We are there to assess the patient’s pain and the surgical site,” Kerr said. “We make sure they are taking the correct medications. We help them to recognize signs and symptoms of problems related to their surgery, and we help map out their course of recovery. In general, we check on them, reassure them, educate them and connect them with the doctor.”

VNA of Ohio also provides services to patients who need help beyond the skilled-nursing care required in the acute period immediately following surgery. Through VNA of Ohio’s private-duty Home Assist™ program, homecare aides can help with everyday tasks, including bathing, dressing, meal preparation and feeding. Because these services are private-pay, there are no limitations on the number, the frequency or the duration of these visits.

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