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Patients and Caregivers: How You Can Prevent a Fall in the Home

One-third of seniors who fall in their homes suffer from injuries including lacerations, fractured bones, or head trauma. Injuries can send individuals into a long-term care facility for months at a time. To prevent your loved one from falling, take the following precautions to keep them safe and independent at home.

To prevent a fall:

Home Safety

  • Do not hold onto furniture or walls
  • Keep home well lit
  • Keep medications in original bottles
  • Post emergency numbers by the phone
  • Remove throw rugs
  • Secure carpeting on steps
  • Unclutter floors
  • Use a cane or walker when mobile
  • Utilize handrails on stairs
  • Wear shoes with non-skid soles

Bathroom Safety

  • Keep a light on or use a nightlight
  • Remove electrical appliances near water
  • Use assistive devices

Medical Equipment

  • Be aware of and move electrical cords or tubing that are in your walking pathways
  • Notify local fire department and electrical company about usage of life sustaining equipment
  • Post medical vendor’s phone number nearby


  • Begin regular exercises, especially walking
  • Have your vision checked yearly
  • Notify your doctor if you feel dizzy, weak, unsteady or if you fall
  • Slowly stand after sitting or lying down

Ways your family can help prevent a fall:

  • Check your loved one's home or your home for problem areas that may cause a fall
  • Prepare the home for visits and holidays
  • Talk with your loved one's doctor about falling and risk factors
  • Watch for changes in their walking, strength or balance

If you do fall:

  • Take a deep breath and try to relax
  • Do you have visitors or other occupants in your house? Will they be able to hear you if you call out? 
  • Do not try to stand up immediately. Stand up slowly and, if you can, get to a phone and dial 911
  • If you are not able to get up but are able to slide, push yourself to a phone and dial 911
  • If you think you may have to be on the floor for a longer period of time, try to keep warm by using nearby rugs, pillows, quilts, etc, especially if you have poor circulation
VNA of Ohio physical and occupational therapists offer patients in-home assessments to help prevent falls from happening. If you or a loved one has suffered a fall, rehabilitation therapists can work with you to regain your strength in order to prevent a fall from happening again.

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