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Home Healthcare After Surgery

The agonizing hours of waiting during a loved one’s surgery are usually followed by an anxiety-filled few days of recovery. When the patient comes home after surgery – sometimes with drains and tubes and even IVs – that anxiety can turn to panic for families and caregivers.

This is when Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio can help bring peace of mind with services ranging from wound care and medication administration to assistance with grooming and feeding.

In most cases, doctors order VNA of Ohio Home Healthcare for patients recovering from surgery to help them regain a level of independence that will keep them safe at home, said Michelle Kerr, RN, BSN, chief clinical officer for VNA of Ohio.

During those visits, RNs change wound dressings, take blood work and monitor vital signs. The nurses also help with medications and monitoring their effectiveness. Kerr said family caregivers are involved as much as possible in these tasks.

“We teach patients and caregivers to know what to watch for and when to call the doctor’s office,” Kerr said.

Physical therapy sessions also could be ordered to help the patient recover function as quickly as possible. An occupational therapist could help assess the home for possible safety modifications. A visit from a speech therapist might retrain the patient to speak or swallow.

These clinical representatives are in regular contact with the patient’s doctor following their visits, Kerr said.

VNA of Ohio’s staff constantly assesses patients to determine if they might be eligible for other services. VNA of Ohio social workers help patients, families and doctors to identify long-term care plans.

Post-operative patients – even those expecting to make a full and complete recovery – may still need temporary help with daily needs that family and friends aren’t always able to provide.

Through VNA of Ohio’s private-duty services, a nurse’s aide can be scheduled while the patient’s primary caregiver is away working, shopping or simply taking a break from the rigorous routine of caring for a bedridden loved one.

“People think they are going to be right back up on their feet, and that isn’t always the case,” Kerr said. “It isn’t always a smooth uphill progression. The biggest thing is just having someone to help.”

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