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5 Tips for the Caregiver in the Workforce


Nearly 1 in 4 Americans are both the primary caregiver for a family member and maintain employment. An estimated 61% of those caring for an adult 50 years and older are currently employed either full or part-time. The demanding role of being a caregiver spreads across all racial, gender, age and ethnic boundaries.

The combination obligations of personal and professional lives often times leads to an overwhelmed and strained employee. The stress can cost companies billions of dollars in productivity each year.

These alarming numbers and financial impact continue to increase and employers are beginning to recognize the need for flexibility to accommodate their workforce and prevent employees from burnout.

If you are one of the millions of caregivers managing a work and family calendar, the following 5 tips are helpful in delegating your time and managing stress.

Talk to your employer. Demonstrate commitment to your career but talk through your needs that affect your work results. Explain your situation, and discuss the possibility of a flexible schedule that will allow you to produce in a productive manner.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, eat a nutritious diet, stay hydrated and exercise. If our bodies are rested and healthy, we are able to keep up with our busy schedule and properly care for all household members.

Stay organized. As a caregiver, keep track of loved one’s medications, doctor visits, emergency contacts, and vitals. As an employee, stay on top of projects and deadlines to ensure proficiency and productivity.

Find support. Community and Internet support groups are available for emotional support. Take advantage of advice to help you determine the best possible care program for your family. Leverage support groups for additional local resources to assist with caregiving.

Know your rights. Ask if you are eligible for leave under FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). Benefits vary from state to state, but the act may provide job protection while tending to a medical emergency.

Local organizations offer services including in-home skilled nursing to assistance with daily tasks for multi-generation families living under one roof. If you are a caregiver and an employee, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio respite care services provide high-quality care for your loved ones, allowing you to catch up with your busy schedule.

VNA of Ohio 24/7 Home Assist™ services allow patients and families to remain independent, comfortable and safe living at home.

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