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Referring to VNA of Ohio for Home Healthcare Services

Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio has been providing home healthcare in the community for more than a century. In that time, it has become the organization that physicians trust when they are looking for providers to manage their patients’ care at home.

When doctors determine that their patients need skilled nursing care at home, they refer those patients to agencies. The patients and their families determine which agency best suits their needs. After they’ve done their research, they usually choose VNA of Ohio.

“What sets VNA of Ohio apart, I think, is the timeliness of care,” said Lisa Kristosik, VNA of Ohio’s chief operating officer. “It’s being there when the physicians want us there.”

Kristosik said doctors know that their patients will be in good hands with VNA of Ohio, which is known for its highly qualified, committed staff of more than 600 clinicians and homecare professionals

“We don’t have high turnover, which means we keep our staff,” she said. “Our clinicians have grown with the organization and they feel very committed and very passionate about the care they deliver.”

Home Healthcare is Our Only Business

There are many other healthcare organizations that provide homecare services. Some specialize in acute, institutional-based care that expects patients to come to them, with community based care included, but not the focus. By contrast, community healthcare is VNA of Ohio’s only business. She said physicians also appreciate VNA of Ohio’s specialized treatment plans. Its lymphedema program, for example, aims to prevent and alleviate fluid retention and dangerous swelling in the arms, legs and other parts of a patient’s body. The program has yielded outstanding clinical results and positive patient outcomes, Kristosik said.

Physicians, patients and their families are impressed by VNA of Ohio’s use of telemonitoring, which allows the home healthcare nursing staff to keep track of their patients’ vital signs remotely. The VNA was one of the first to integrate the telemonitoring system into its clinical practice.

Mental Health: Care at Home

Kristosik said VNA of Ohio also is known for its dedication to one of the most underserved patient populations. The organization’s home-based mental-health program is one of only a few of its kind in Ohio. A team of mental health professionals, including nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and social workers, provides in-home care to individuals with severe mental illness, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to depression to schizophrenia.

“Quality is of vital importance when selecting your home health provider,” Kristosik. “Quality outcomes are congruent with high care standards and staff performance. While many agencies have high quality scores, patients and families should also look at patient satisfaction rates.” This, she said, is where VNA of Ohio stands apart.

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