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October 01, 2014 - October 31, 2014

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October 29, 2014 - October 30, 2014

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Exemplifying Our Commitment to the Community October 21, 2014
Every industry has interruptions in service that require creativity toward resolution. And healthcare is no exception. At Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio, our specialty is filling those gaps in service for patients, clients and families who may need that assistance.
committed to the health of our communities
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Depression Among Cardiac Patients – Signs to Watch For October 14, 2014
When a loved one has suffered a heart attack or undergone a heart bypass, concern is understandably high. Will he have another heart attack? Was her surgery successful?
depression amongst patients with a cardiac disease
Support Home Care and Hospice by Joining the National Observance October 12, 2014
Most caregivers spend their time worrying whether their loved ones are safe in their homes or if they require more care than they are able to provide. The constant worry often causes burnout and family complications. But home care services and other resources, give caregivers relief during these stressful times.
home care and hospice month
The Bridge Program: Providing Care to Those with Nowhere to Go October 9, 2014
In Cuyahoga County, 50% of the clients admitted into the state psychiatric hospital are readmissions. Many of these individuals were unable to access care to achieve optimal health and independence. Rather, they were forced to turn to the hospital systems to receive treatment, continuing what is known as the “Revolving Door Syndrome.” To prevent the reoccurring cycle, community agencies joined forces in hopes of closing the gap for care and created the Bridge Program.
Bridge Program: closing the gap to patient care
Vital Signs: Healthcare Insight from the Experts October 7, 2014
Healthcare is one of the largest industries in Northeast Ohio. Regardless, local corporations are challenged by rising healthcare costs and complicated systems for their employees to navigate. To support employers working through these intricacies, local executives and experts joined to offer insight and advice for navigating the continuum of care.
2014 Crain's Cleveland Health Care Forum
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