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Contact: Emily Blackie
Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio

Families, Friends and VNA of Ohio Staff Celebrate 25th Annual “Light a Life” Ceremony

CLEVELAND, Ohio (November 7, 2017) – More than 40 family members, friends and staff members from Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio participated in the 25th Annual Light a Life Ceremony on Sunday, November 5. This annual celebration commemorates the lives of VNA hospice patients who have died, through songs, poems and stories.

This year, the celebration included messages from VNA staff including Lisa Krisosik (president and COO), Robin Imbrigiotta (chaplain), Margaret Bohn-Galas (social worker), Willette Dixon (home care aide) and Judi Schemkovitz (retired chaplain). VNA volunteer Steve Smith performed throughout the evening, including one original song “At Home Tonight.”

Staff members Taissa Kutsar, Laura Camp-Smith, Christine Marsick and Jenny Schumacher also presented each family member with a glass vase with a free-hanging crystal heart in the center of the vase. The heart has a hold inside that symbolizes a painful loss and emptiness that will always remain for families and friends. The crystal light is a reminder that it is possible to be happy even when there is a hole in your heart.

After the event, guests stayed to enjoy donated baked goods and finger foods.

Each name that was remembered was also entered into the “Book of Names,” which is displayed at each Light a Life ceremony.

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