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Contact: Emily Dubyoski
Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio

Four Exceptional Staff Members Receive Samuel G. Lucarelli Award

CLEVELAND, Ohio (January 19, 2018) – Four VNA of Ohio employees received the biannual Samuel G. Lucarelli Award. The Award was created in 2015 to recognize outstanding employees who embody the organization’s passionate and patient-focused mission. Employees are nominated by supervisors who believe the individual represents the four traits for consideration: growth, innovation, quality and engagement.

The 2017 winter winners included:
Tereya Greer
Christine Skudrin
Deborah Wilson
Corazetta Jackson

Tereya Greer is a home health aide on VNA of Ohio’s Home Assist team. She is kind, compassionate and dedicated to her clients. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of, including their physical environment and emotional health, in addition to their physical health. Her clients think of her like their own family and she cares for each client as her own family, too, with individualized attention and care.

Christine Skudrin is the Payroll Specialist for General Accounting at VNA of Ohio. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her daily tasks. She puts the organization and its employees before her own needs to ensure that everyone gets paid on time, which is especially important to many VNA employees.

Deborah Wilson is the Clinical Services Coordinator for Staff Development and has worked at VNA of Ohio for 25 years. She continues to exceed expectations and works above and beyond to share her knowledge and skills with others. She volunteered to update VNA of Ohio’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, which directly contributed to the agency’s successful accreditation. Additionally, she successfully coordinates the process to prevent payment denials, helping the agency succeed and increase revenue. Beyond her assigned duties, she also coordinates the holiday party every year with decorations, prizes and an all-staff potluck to feed the more than 300 employees.

Corazetta Jackson is a home health aide on VNA of Ohio’s Home Assist team. She is very energetic and takes great pride in the care that she provides to her clients. She has a huge impact on the quality of life of everyone she cares for. No task is too trivial and everything she does she does with passion and love.

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