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VNA Chronic Disease Management

VNA Chronic Disease Management uses daily, in-home health monitoring along with home nursing care to improve management and maintenance of chronic disease for patients with serious health conditions such as:

  • Heart failure

  • Lung disease

  • Diabetes

By using an in-home, wireless monitor (TeleCare), VNA nurses gather important health information about their patients each day to detect even slight changes in their health condition. When these changes are detected early, there is an opportunity for immediate corrective action while the patient remains at home.

Since 2002, the VNA has  successfully helped patients improve their health and have fewer hospital admissions and ER visits through use of the TeleCare monitor.

Here’s how it works. Every morning, the in-home monitor “talks” the patient through a user-friendly information collection process.  The patient connects to the monitor or records the information in the monitor.  The monitor wirelessly transmits the patient's information to their nurse.  At that time, the nurse reviews the information and has the ability to take immediate action if needed. Reports are also sent to the patient’s personal physician for assessment.

The monitor, is the size of a clock radio and collects important health information from the patient, such as:

  • Heart rate

  • Blood pressure

  • Oxygen saturation (percentage of oxygen in the blood stream)

  • Temperature

  • Weight

  • Blood glucose (blood sugar)

VNA Chronic Disease Management services can give patients the best of all worlds: the comfort of home and the security of daily monitoring and medical attention to gain better control of chronic disease processes, improve overall health and reduce visits to the physicians office and the hospital.

VNA Chronic Disease Management is no additional charge to patients under VNA care.

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