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VNA Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists work closely with patients, caregivers and their families to help patients live as independently as possible. Our team offers rehabilitation therapies for a wide variety of medical conitions.

Rehabilitation therapy services are for adults managing a chronic disease or recovering from surgery, illness or injury. Top patient diagnosis include:

• Balance and mobility issues and fall risks
• Diabetes
• Fracture repair
• Lymphedema
• Joint replacement
• Peripheral neurotherapy
• Spine or other orthopedic surgery
• Stroke
• Swallowing difficulty

Each VNA of Ohio rehabilitation therapy service is personalized for each patient.


Physical Therapy

• Home safety evaluation, education and modifications
• Pain management
• Bed mobility and transfer training
• Balance training
• Walking and stair climbing
• Strengthening and stretching
• Endurance Training
• Posture training
• Orthotics and artificial limb training
• Equipment recommendations including wheelchair assesment


Phototherapy Program

• Non-invasive light energy ideal for tissue healing and pain deduction
• Reduces pain and increases circulation for persons suffering from peripheral neurotherapy and diabetes
• Improves balance and walking


Lymphedema Therapy

Provided by certified physical and occupational therapists and provides personalized care for the treatment of wounds and the reduction of swelling.

The service offers multiple benefits including:

• Improved skin health
• Prevents ulcers
• Promotes ability to move and walk safely
• Promotes would healing
• Compression garment fitting
• Exercises
• Manual lymphatic drainage
• Patient education for diet, skin care and limb elevation
• Compression wraps of the affected area
• Use of mechanical pump to further reduce swelling when needed

Lymphedema care for the homebound is generally considered a skilled practice. You must work closely with your provider to understand your situation, what is coverred by your insurance, and your long-term management plans for the condition.


Therapy Connect Program
Provides in-home rehabilitation following:

• Joint Replacement
• Fracture Repair
• Spine or Other Orthopedic Surgery

Why Therapy Connect?

• Prompt srart of care within 24 hours of hospital discharge
• Intensive therapy - daily as needed
• Designated therapists assigned to work directly with your physician
• Adherence to physician post-operative protocols
• Patient referral back to physician after release from therapy


Occupational Therapy

• Activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, and toileting
• Cognitive, perceptual, developmental skills
• Homemaking, leisure and work skills
• Joint protection
• Home assesments and modifications
• Coping and stress management
• Assertiveness training
• Interpersonal and social skills
• Recommendations for adaptive equiptment


Low Vision Program

Occupational therapists provide screenings for low-vision patients and provide recommendations for adaptive equiptment and ways to compensate for low vision in the home


Speech Therapy

• Cognitive, perceptual, and developmental skills
• Spoken language retraining
• Reading and writing retraining
• Swallow safety instruction
• Improve or restore a person's skills in the areas of:
     • Paying attention
     • Remembering
     • Organizing
     • Reasoning and understanding
     • Problem-solving and decision making
     • Higher level cognitive abilities
• Voice and speech clarity instruction


VitalStim Program

• Surface electrical stimulation to the throat muscles to promote improvement in swallowing
• Treatment improves muscle contraction to improve swallowing and reduce choking


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