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Community Experts Discuss the Impact of Elder Caregiving August 25, 2015

Trends show that employees are increasingly taking on the care of elderly loved ones.  With this responsibility may bring a burden into their workplace.  From increased absenteeism, to decreased productivity, and a negative impact on the general health of the employee/caregiver, it can impact the bottom line.

Impact of Caregiving Forum Panelists
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Proactive Strategies Help Organizations Stay Competitive July 28, 2015

Like nearly all home health organizations, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio has been faced with increasing competition, higher costs and lower reimbursements. But instead of entrenching and hoping the worst blows over, our organization has undertaken proactive strategies to play up our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.

Proactive Strategies for Home Health Organization
Medication Safety Tips for Your Aging Loved One July 7, 2015

When a loved one is prescribed several medications, keeping track can be confusing. If medications are not carefully reviewed and a problem occurs, patients are often sent to the emergency room in a state of panic. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one stay safe and proactively manage their medications to prevent problems from occurring.

Medication Management for Your Loved One