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Toward Healthier Seniors July 31, 2014

Throughout the United States, there are more than 40 million individuals aged 65 years or older, and numbers will only continue to increase. As the older population wishes to remain independent and age in place, seniors are recognizing the need to stay active and healthy, critical to making that happen.

healthy lifestyle for seniors
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Adding Value to Quality of Life July 26, 2014

As a leader in the state’s healthcare community, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio works to keep you informed of the vast changes happening in healthcare today and to help you navigate this complicated, changing landscape.

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Cost of Not Caring: Stigma Set in Stone July 20, 2014

Throughout the United States, there are nearly 10 million individuals living with a serious mental illness, and for many, finding adequate care is a challenge. Throughout history, those living with a condition have had to overcome social barriers to be heard, and financial barriers to receive care. The stigma of a mental illness has shaped the way the country views those individuals and the resources provided to them.

cost of not caring - breaking the stigma