Finding Care: At the End-of-Life November 4, 2014

For individuals nearing end-of-life, choosing where to spend their remaining time may depend on their particular situation. Often, there may be a predetermined hospice plan of care, but for some, families should consider their options before the time arrives.

finding care at the end of life
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Providing Comfort: At the End-of-Life November 1, 2014

When a loved one is receiving end-of-life hospice care, it is the goal of family members and caregivers to relieve their suffering as much as possible, while respecting the individual’s wishes. Providing comfort throughout the course of hospice care can help improve the quality of one’s life during their remaining time.

Providing Comfort in Hospice Care
Support Home Care and Hospice by Joining the National Observance October 12, 2014

Most caregivers spend their time worrying whether their loved ones are safe in their homes or if they require more care than they are able to provide. The constant worry often causes burnout and family complications. But home care services and other resources, give caregivers relief during these stressful times.

home care and hospice month
Supporting the Community and the VNA of Ohio Mission August 9, 2014

Since our beginning in 1902, volunteers have been at the heart of Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio. More than 110 years later, our volunteers continue to generously donate their time and energy into helping our patients and their families.

volunteering at vna of ohio
Misconceptions About Hospice Care June 20, 2014

Patients, and families of those, living with a terminal illness are often faced with the difficult decision of choosing care as they near end of life. Many choose hospice to improve their quality of life during their remaining days, while the term may carry a negative connotation for others. The following facts and common misconceptions help diffuse the negative association and highlight the positive benefits of choosing hospice care.

what is hospice and myths of hospice