Finding the Right Fit: Matching Patients with Home Healthcare Nurses March 18, 2014

The bond between patient and healthcare provider is built on a foundation of compassion and trust. The importance of that bond is even greater when the care setting is the patient’s home.

finding the right fit; matching patients with home health nurse
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Grief Support Group for Bereaving Adults in the Community March 11, 2014

For many, coping with grief after the loss of a loved one is difficult and overwhelming. Individuals tend to feel a sense of hopelessness and solitude. Developing support systems provides individuals the opportunity to connect with those who have similar experiences in the grief journey.

Grief Support Groups
Hospice: What Physicians Should Know January 24, 2014

Determining when your loved one is ready to transition into hospice care is challenging. Family members often turn to their physicians to help them work through this decision and determine the next steps in the care plan. Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio’s Director of Hospice, Sherry Murvine sat down with MD News’ Jan Raabe to discuss the important information about choosing hospice care.

hospice information for physicians
25 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Healthcare Provider January 14, 2014

Navigating the healthcare industry is challenging, and even more so when in the middle of a medical crisis. Before your loved one is discharged from the hospital, the conversation about homecare services needs to take place for optimal recovery.

Questions to ask when choosing home health provider
Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit – Part 3 January 7, 2014

Wellness encompasses physical and mental health components but one’s spirituality as well. Often, individuals spiritually connect in order to find purpose in their lives, whether being dedicated to God, religion, a guiding force, spiritual beings or values.

Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit