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Support the Mission of the Organization and Help Our Communities Live Well October 4, 2014

Every year, local corporations, executives and community members join together to invest in the mission of Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio: to provide high-quality home health and hospice care to promote optimal health, independence and dignity to those living in our communities. Later this month, VNA of Ohio will host the 5th annual Treasures of Cleveland event to further advance the mission and to help patients live well.

Treasures of Cleveland
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5 Foot Care Tips for Diabetics September 30, 2014

People who live with diabetes know the importance of taking care of themselves through diet, exercise and, sometimes, insulin therapy. But many may not realize that good diabetes care starts from the ground up.

foot care tips for diabetics
Wound Care 101 September 23, 2014

Caring for a loved one who is recovering from surgery can be scary. An open surgical wound must be kept protected and carefully monitored for signs of infection. It is a daunting responsibility to manage at home.

wound care 101 for home care patients
Top 3 Questions to Ask a Caregiver September 9, 2014

Caring for a loved one is a physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding job. And the warning from experts is clear: The only way to avoid burning out is to take a break.

questions to ask a caregiver
CHF and COPD in the Summer – 4 Tips for Home Care August 26, 2014

Northeast Ohio summers can be tough for people who struggle to breath.

tips for patients with CHF and COPD