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In an effort to inform the greater community on the vast changes happening in the healthcare industry, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio is pleased to serve as a guide for patients, families and community members as they navigate the ever-evolving system.

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Supporting the Community and the VNA of Ohio Mission August 9, 2014

Since our beginning in 1902, volunteers have been at the heart of Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio. More than 110 years later, our volunteers continue to generously donate their time and energy into helping our patients and their families.

volunteering at vna of ohio
For Caregivers: 4 Ways to Ask for Help August 5, 2014

Caring for a seriously ill person can be all-consuming. Often, one person bears the majority – if not all – of the load. But being the primary caregiver doesn’t mean being the only caregiver.

ways for caregivers to ask for help
Toward Healthier Seniors July 31, 2014

Throughout the United States, there are more than 40 million individuals aged 65 years or older, and numbers will only continue to increase. As the older population wishes to remain independent and age in place, seniors are recognizing the need to stay active and healthy, critical to making that happen.

healthy lifestyle for seniors
The Family Caregiver Diet July 29, 2014

Most caregivers spend a lot of time thinking about good nutrition. “Did Dad eat all of his veggies?” “How can we get Mom to take in more calories?”

caregiver diet guidelines