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For Caregivers: Setting Boundaries with a Loved One July 22, 2014

When loved ones are hurt or ill, all we really want to do is make them well again. Powerless to do that, we may overcompensate and take on every task and responsibility of care.

setting boundaries with a loved one
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VNA of Ohio: Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services at Home July 17, 2014

What began more than 100 years ago as a group of 13 Cleveland women dedicated to home health care now includes more than 700 professionals providing comprehensive home healthcare, hospice and rehabilitation services throughout Northeast and Central Ohio.

VNA of Ohio home health rehabilitation therapy services
Patient Emergency Fund: Meeting the Needs of Every Patient July 15, 2014

There are people in your community – neighbors, co-workers, friends – who need your help to receive critical medical care.

patient emergency fund : helping patients and families
Continuum of Care Means Healthier Patients, Lower Costs July 12, 2014

There aren’t many one-stop shops when it comes to healthcare. With millions of Americans seeing a physician, having surgery or being discharged from the hospital every day, most patients must use numerous providers to meet their various medical needs.

continuum of care bridging the gap
TeleHealth: Keeping Our Community Out of the Hospital July 8, 2014

In healthcare, there is only one goal: keep the patient healthy, safe, and out of the hospital. Unfortunately, for patients living with a chronic condition, hospitalizations are often too frequent. The goal of home healthcare is to help patients manage their chronic condition in the comfort of their home.

TeleHealth telemonitoring for chornic disease management