Not-for-profit vs. For-profit

April 15, 2014

Since it was founded more than a century ago, Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio has been a not-for-profit organization.

not-for-profit vs for-profit home healthcare organizations

This means that any profit derived from the business is invested back into its mission to provide affordable, top-quality home healthcare services to the communities it serves.

Claire Zangerle, president and chief executive officer of VNA of Ohio, said operating as a not-for-profit agency allows VNA of Ohio to focus its attention solely on its patients and clients and to make decisions that put their needs first.

Unlike for-profit agencies, VNA of Ohio is governed by a volunteer board of trustees, not a paid board of directors. Its shareholders are its patients and clients, not financial investors. Zangerle explained: “Not-for-profits reinvest in their own organization through program development and enhancements that directly benefit the patient, or employee development and education that, in the end, benefit the patient.”

Charitable donations to VNA of Ohio are considered tax deductible, and help support patient care features for which we are not compensated. TeleHealth monitoring equipment, special programs for hospice patients such as art therapy and therapeutic massage are some of the features that are supported by charitable gifts.

Finally, as a not-for-profit agency, VNA of Ohio will accept patients that other care providers may turn away. As part of its mission, VNA of Ohio often helps individuals connect with other organizations in the community that may be able to help, Zangerle said.

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