Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit – Part 3

January 7, 2014

Wellness encompasses physical and mental health components but one’s spirituality as well. Often, individuals spiritually connect in order to find purpose in their lives, whether being dedicated to God, religion, a guiding force, spiritual beings or values.

Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit

Research suggests that positive beliefs gained from spiritual connectors can contribute to an individual’s healing and a sense of well-being. Because every individual finds meaning differently, it is important for everyone to explore their beliefs and how they connect them to the world around us.

The following 5 tips can help individuals connect with what provides purpose in life and round out their overall wellness:

Set goals. Put forth the effort to reduce stress and build your self-esteem. Be realistic in what you can take on rather than setting yourself up for failure.

Take time for yourself. Whether to read a book, take a walk or just to think, set aside time to reflect on your day and explore any opportunities or issues that have been raised. Time for reflection offers the chance to determine the importance of the people and what is happening in our daily lives.

Exercise your spirituality. Whether based on personal beliefs, meditation or prayer gathering, express with those who share your values of growing your spiritual development. Just as any type of physical exercise, these practices should be regularly continued to build their meaning.

Give. Researchers believe individuals benefit from giving back as a way of forming their spirituality. Donate to charity, volunteering your time or being of service allows the opportunity to cultivate bonds with the world around us.

Build connections. Find a support system; whether prayer groups at a local church or synagogue or online support chat, sharing a spiritual connection strengthens relationships in your life.

Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio offers spiritual and bereavement counselors for patients and families who are in need of support and guidance during the grieving process.

Developing your spiritual health is a key element in maintaining overall wellness. Keeping your body, mind and spirit active and well will promote optimal health, independence and dignity.

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